Prelude: First Impressions

Sunday, July 12, 2009

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I have called this little space "Notes from a Sentient Observer", and, being a sentient creature, I will attempt to use my consciousness conscientiously. I believe there is a big responsibility in being a free-thinking individual. How we choose to think and express ourselves adds or detracts from the human tapestry. We learn from each other, absorb each other's opinions and color our individual worlds often times with borrowed crayons. It is true that every living creature is unique in its essence, but none of us are independently us.

We are what we read, who we know, what we listen to and what we see. Our sensory diet is made up of the world around us, which is constantly consumed to feed the vast and endless universes within us. And yet, once the information is consumed, we have the opportunity to decide what to do with it. Do we adopt it as truth? File it under "Useless Information"? Do we reject it entirely? Or will we mull it over for awhile, running it through our impressively complex internal networks of checks and balances, translations and emotional impressions? And, once the information has been sorted and assimilated, how will it affect our daily life and our reactions to the next piece of information?

This is where conscience comes in. If we are to be responsible sentient beings, we must be willing to consider how our reactions and ravings might affect the person standing next to us. Or, indeed, how we might be affecting the greater human tapestry and the universe on which we depend.

It is in the spirit of conscientious consciousness that I will forge ahead, striving ever to be inspiring, entertaining and enlightening wherever possible. These will be musings from my own sentient mind, my human reaction to those things I perceive to be important or interesting. It will never be my intention to offend or disturb, only to share perspective and encourage conscious thought. I will trust you, my fellow sentient, to take responsibility for your own mind. Until the next impression...