A Little Spring Rain

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Green Spring Rain

Note:  I was supposed to post this last night, but a headache (most likely sinus induced... allergy season... springtime's special little gift) and general crankiness got the better of me and I bailed before I could find the right picture for this post.  Here it is, however, in all its glory (to be attributed to it's capturer, FrenchSelfCatering as found via Creative Commons), and now my nighttime post is complete.  So.  On with it.

Oh, I'm just so creaky and tired!  But it's been so long since my last post that I'm feeling blogger guilt (I'm sure that must be a psychoanalytical term).  So, nothing doing but to shake off my evening sleepies, take another swig off this weird banana-flavored not-real cappuccino I got from the convenience store, and sit down to have a talk.  

Actually, I can't believe how disgustingly addictive this fake cappuccino crap is.  It's made from a powder and comes in a Styrofoam cup and I surely bought my ticket to tree hugger hell with the $1.30-or-whatever I paid for this unnatural stuff.  But... it's that odd hypersweet banana flavoring (think banana Now and Laters, but creamy and vaguely coffee-flavored) that just seems to hit the spot... well, for a minute, anyway, before I get sick of it... which usually happens well before I've finished half the cup.  My friend Sarah calls this phenomenon "that good gross."

Sigh... so, where were we?  Oh yeah.  Books.  And Detroit.  And dealing with the idea of making sure the masses will always have access to information, because education is the backbone of society.  All of that lofty/messy stuff.  And now it's officially spring and everything is green and it has been raining in my neck of the woods, off and on, for nearly a week straight.  This time of year, if you let it get to you at all, is work-work-work.  There are gardens to plow, spring cleaning to attend to, school projects to construct.  Suddenly there are outings popping up everywhere.  Farmers' markets are opening, and the lawn, which hasn't troubled you for months, is suddenly screaming for attention.  And all this rain.

I think this spring snuck up on me, however prepared I thought I was.  All this activity and life going on, when the dark cloudy rain reminds me more of fall and makes me want to roll towards hibernation again.  I shall endeavor to do better, however, and relish the rainy days while I can.  As stormy and persistent as they are in their time, I know spring rains are fleeting.