A Little Spring Rain

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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Green Spring Rain

Note:  I was supposed to post this last night, but a headache (most likely sinus induced... allergy season... springtime's special little gift) and general crankiness got the better of me and I bailed before I could find the right picture for this post.  Here it is, however, in all its glory (to be attributed to it's capturer, FrenchSelfCatering as found via Creative Commons), and now my nighttime post is complete.  So.  On with it.

Oh, I'm just so creaky and tired!  But it's been so long since my last post that I'm feeling blogger guilt (I'm sure that must be a psychoanalytical term).  So, nothing doing but to shake off my evening sleepies, take another swig off this weird banana-flavored not-real cappuccino I got from the convenience store, and sit down to have a talk.  

Actually, I can't believe how disgustingly addictive this fake cappuccino crap is.  It's made from a powder and comes in a Styrofoam cup and I surely bought my ticket to tree hugger hell with the $1.30-or-whatever I paid for this unnatural stuff.  But... it's that odd hypersweet banana flavoring (think banana Now and Laters, but creamy and vaguely coffee-flavored) that just seems to hit the spot... well, for a minute, anyway, before I get sick of it... which usually happens well before I've finished half the cup.  My friend Sarah calls this phenomenon "that good gross."

Sigh... so, where were we?  Oh yeah.  Books.  And Detroit.  And dealing with the idea of making sure the masses will always have access to information, because education is the backbone of society.  All of that lofty/messy stuff.  And now it's officially spring and everything is green and it has been raining in my neck of the woods, off and on, for nearly a week straight.  This time of year, if you let it get to you at all, is work-work-work.  There are gardens to plow, spring cleaning to attend to, school projects to construct.  Suddenly there are outings popping up everywhere.  Farmers' markets are opening, and the lawn, which hasn't troubled you for months, is suddenly screaming for attention.  And all this rain.

I think this spring snuck up on me, however prepared I thought I was.  All this activity and life going on, when the dark cloudy rain reminds me more of fall and makes me want to roll towards hibernation again.  I shall endeavor to do better, however, and relish the rainy days while I can.  As stormy and persistent as they are in their time, I know spring rains are fleeting. 


GingerGirl said...

Yeah, you are back. I will take whatever blip of a post you can offer. The rain is so wonderful and cozy, and would be perfect but for the everlasting roof issues I am contending with.

Good gross. Yeah, there is that.

I am going to eat the 1/2 price leftover Easter candy I bought last night at the drug store and try to placate my blogger guilt.

I hope that the rain is productive, that you don't over do things, that you have wonderful adventures, and a bit of gross-good to balance out all those farmers' market salads.


Calling Ravens said...

I'm sorry you had a headache, but am glad you searched for just the right photo-it is gorgeous!
I am so used to "no rain" I now quite dislike it when we do get precip.

Enjoy the rest of your gross fake cappuccino (lol) and go ahead and snooze some more!

firespark said...

GingerGirl - I know... I worry about your roof, too. :/ But the rain will help our plants grow and maybe, once the rains have subsided, I'll perk up like the rest of the green plants. :}

Calling Ravens - Isn't that photo amazing? I was so happy to find it. And, thank you, I do think I'll curl up for just a bit longer. At least until it stops raining. And then I'll HAVE to get moving, lest the weeds concur the garden. Springtime, like I said, is busy, busy, busy.

Starlight said...

I hope you don't have a headache anymore. I'm glad that you posted this story today with this perfect photo.
Spring is a wonderful time in the year, I love it because eaxh year it tells me that summer is coming :)

Sarah Franz-Wichlacz said...

oh how i adore the photo.... and the title of this post (much more than most of your readers will understand ;)
yep. it's raining up here today as well.... i'm making hot drinks and vegetable casseroles and ratatouille to take that chill out (the good kind, really) hope you enjoy your cup o' disgusting (i kid. that flavor just sounds nasty to me, but you know i understand the power of "good gross" ;)

Pearl said...

I know "that good gross", too. In my world, it's the Hostess Cherry Pie. :-)

Love your music picks.


firespark said...

Starlight - Nope, no more headache. But thanks for your concern. :) And, yeah, honestly, the in-between seasons are my favorites. Spring and Autumn. I like transitions. Nothing is ever more exciting than when it's changing.

Sarah - Have I ever mentioned that I love you? I LOVE you. I just had a powerful vision of being with you in your kitchen, with a rain-heavy breeze coming through the window and the scent of tomatoes, simmering on your stove. Ah, old friend, what a way to spend a rainy day.

Pearl - Thanks for dropping by! I'm glad you like the little music "blurbs." I usually think nobody every listens to these little mixes I throw up, but I just can't resist putting them up anyway. It helps me stay in touch with now... whatever now is. ;)

juliababyjen said...

Oh, I know exactly what you mean! The good gross for me is Pumpkin Cappuccino!

I had to laugh when I saw the title of your blog. We just got home from sitting in the cold, wet rain for 5 hours at our sons' track meet! Then our car broke down!! Not a great ending to our day! The last 2 weeks have been cold, wet, and dreary here lately. We feel like we are in Seattle! But on the plus side, we are supposed to warm up to the 70s by the end of the week, and we are supposed to have sunshine the next 4 days! Yay!

Anyes said...

Spring rains are fleeting even if sometimes they feel like they've gone on forever, I could use a bit of sunshine here too.
I really love this Green Spring Rain photograph though :-)

firespark said...

Juliababyjen - We just broke sunshine today! I do love the rain, though... I have to admit. But when it's cold rain and it's several days in a row like that, it can wear on you. Still... makes my plants happy. :)

Anyes - Oh, thank you! Everyone seems to love the photo. :) I didn't take it myself (I hope I was clear on that), but Creative Commons is a great thing for those of us who don't have great photographic skills or great cameras. ;) Have I mentioned, Anyes, that I love your icon/image? It fascinates me. Just sayin'.

MorningAJ said...

I want to roll towards hibernation again most mornings! We've had wonderful weather over here in the UK and now it's turned cold and nasty and wet again and I really don't like it. Though the garden does.

A girl. said...

Okay, one day maybe you'll get this, hopefully, because I can't really figure out another way to contact you (mainly because I am so COMPLETELY disorganized....cough.)
So I...uh, kind of forgot my email adress for my most recent blog thing. Haha....ha.
Anyway, I guess I'll have to make a new one. I miss being able to post a bunch of random crap on a page I can call my own. This will be, what, my fourth blog? >:D I have a problem with staying in one spot. Hopefully this next one will stick. I'll post the link in this thing once I make it and get the gist of what I'm doing with it. Words From A Nobody was definitely my favorite one ever (it created me...) but I felt like it became routine.
You know me.
I fuckin' hate routines. :)
Stay gold, as Johnny would say.
I've missed your you-ness.

nosuchsafety said...


you don't have to post the comment. haha.

firespark said...

Girl - IT'S YOU!!! (I said that over there, too, but whatever.) Crap. Now I'm going to have to catch up on my own blog now! Man, how you make me work. ;)

On your other, click on me (as one of your followers) and you can always send me a message that way (at least I think you can...) Lemme know if you need my email again. :) :) :)