Weekly Observance II

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

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This past week has been one crazy thing after another.  For this reason, I'm doing another Weekly Observance because I haven't had the time to flesh out a whole subject for you.  Please forgive the randomness. 

My recent observations:

1.    New Decade: 2010 or 2011? - I have been informed that, despite the proclamations of the media (which is what I based my own claim on), this is not, in fact, the beginning of the new decade.  Because the first year of recorded history was not considered Year 0, but was rather Year 1, we won't officially begin the new decade until 2011.  Don't kill the messenger.  I just report what I hear.  If you doubt this theory, here are a few links to back it up.  Feel free to argue with me if you want (just click on the comment bubble in the top right hand corner of this blog), but even though it's a bit of a let down, I think that, technically, this is correct.

 2.    Murphy's Law - Small home renovation projects (just the bathroom… that's all we really asked for) will invariably turn into HUGE renovation projects, with or without your approval.  I have come to believe this is part of Murphy's Law.  And if you've ever wondered what Murphy's Law actually says, I've thrown in the wiki link for your quick reference.  I know.  Nothing about home renovation.  But still, I'm convinced it applies.  (And, yes, sai, still not moved into the house… say sorry.)


3.    The Cost of Real Food - Basic, wholesome food is vastly more expensive (in most cases) than nutrient deficient, overly-processed food, and this makes me very, very angry.  Not because of the cost alone, but because of the implications this carries.  If the basic fuel that a human body needs is the most expensive thing to obtain, then this means that we are expecting our poor to get sick and die at an early age.  You cannot live a long and healthy life on a bad diet, but for many people, this is all they can afford.  White bread, for instance, which carries nowhere near the nutritional value of whole wheat, is dirt cheap in comparison.  Likewise, it's often cheaper to eat fast food from Mickey D's than it is to prepare a meal with fresh meats and fresh produce.  Not that I don't like my junk food now and then, but it's supposed to be a luxury, not what you eat every day for sustenance because you can't afford real food!  There will be more on this later.  My dear friend CK commented on an old blog of mine (see The Problem With Money; http://sentientobserver.blogspot.com/2009/07/ive-been-thinking-lot-about-money.html) and got the idea ruminating in my head.  This idea visited me again as I was preparing holiday foods, but I didn't have the time then to get it all down.  But it's coming, friends, and when it does I hope it is informative and useful.  Because I know that there are ways around this, if you are resourceful.  Being poor or not-so-well-off shouldn't mean that you don't have the right to a healthy immune system, strong muscles and the ability to use your well-fueled mind at its full capacity.

4.    It's a Conspiracy - On a lighter (though only slightly less frustrating) note, I have come to the conclusion that all good television series get canceled in one or two seasons.  I don't think this is so much Murphy's Law as some act passed by Congress in secret and under cloak of darkness.  Or perhaps it's some kind of conspiracy to make sure there are always slots open for really bad 'reality' shows and that none of the prime time slots get eaten up by anything too original or interesting.  Perhaps it would shame the rest of the shows into improving, and that in turn might put the networks over budget… I don't know.  But it makes one rather noncommittal… like a person being constantly dumped by lover after lover until they can no longer bring themselves to believe that the next one will stick around, so they don't bother to put themselves out there again.  It's a classic tale, and so sad when it happens to viewers of the ever-present boob-tube.

That's all for today, my friends, but I will be back soon, never you worry.  I 've got a blog on prejudice brewing in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and also because it is a subject which I feel is worth examining in full light.  Until then, please continue to use your inalienable right to think for yourself.