Busy Bees & Beavers

Thursday, March 4, 2010

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Hello, all.  Just a quick note to let you know I haven't died or been stricken with acute writer's block.  On the contrary, I've been busy, busy, busy.  I may have my very first piece published within the next day or so.  It's not fiction, it's a concert review, but I am very, VERY excited!  Unfortunately, to retain the blissful illusion of anonymity on this blog, I can't post the link to my piece here.  But I will let a few of you (who don't know me personally) know when it's up and where you can see it... secretly... under cloak of darkness... I feel so covert.  ;)  

But it seems the busy-bee vibe isn't hitting just me -  it's everywhere!  Nearly everyone I know has had their heads down, working like crazed beavers, nesting and creating and dam building.  I think this is the surest sign of the imminence of spring, more so even then the lengthening of days or the increase of birdsong.  It takes work to raise spring properly.

More soon.  Until my next report, be well!


sarah franz-wichlacz said...

yes, by gods am i feeling this right now! ...gotta get stuff done :) and congratulations m'dear- you rock :)

firespark said...

Thanks... *shy smile*

CK said...

Congrats Congrats I am so Proud of you! Keep up the excellent work!!! :-)
Just for the record, there is most definitely something in the air.