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Monday, January 2, 2012

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Hello, all.  Seems I'm always good for a New Year's post, huh?  (Even if it is a day late.)  I won't keep you long, however.  No, just a little blip of a post.  I don't have a lot to say that hasn't been said more thoroughly and eloquently than I could ever manage.  It's 2012, after all--a big year, according to, well, everything.  An election year in one of the most strained political climates of our time, the apocalypse, the end of the world.  You know, all that fun stuff.  All I know for sure is that, for me, this is a 'doing' year.  And for the world, this is a 'changing' year.  I am certain things will get worse before they get better, because isn't that the way it always goes?  But that's all right because we have each other, and we have ourselves--our dreams, our hope, and our tenacity.  We can build from there.

In the Archdruid Report, our hero John Michael Greer addresses this very same concept with his most recent post, Hope in a Cold Season.  He talks of hope and courage and our waning sense of entitlement.  "Courage, for example, isn’t a facile assurance that one is destined to win. It’s the quality of character and the act of will that does the right thing in the face of danger and fear."
Yes, Mr. Greer. I quite agree.

Ebbs and flows are everywhere--some things grow stronger while others grow weaker--as we move closer and closer to a critical point that will tip our country in a new direction.  Through it all, we must remember that we are still here.  Everything else is possibility.  

"Feel no shame for what you are."
     - New Year's Prayer
        Jeff Buckley

This next is a phenomenal video.  (It's worth watching in full screen, if you can.)  Somehow, it seemed apt.  Here's to a new year of growing in all the right ways.

"I put my soul in what I do."
     - When I Grow Up
        Fever Ray


nosuchsafety said...

When I Grow Up - Fever Ray.
You were right. PHENOMENAL video. Something you don't just walk away from.

firespark said...

yeah. she's amazing, isn't she? <3