Wednesday, February 13, 2013

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Hello friends.  I know you've probably given up on me.  It's been six months since my last entry (which feels very much like saying it's been six months since my last confession).  The world . . . my world . . . has changed so much since then.  When I left you, fluctuations in the system and unreliable connections meant the airship that was my life was on borrowed time, and would soon require an overhaul.  Finally, predictably, the engines failed, requiring a quick and dramatic rerouting of fuel and power.  I did what needed doing, and now this ship can fly again, back on course.

Unfortunately, all that triage meant my poor blog was left behind, dying in the sun.  I considered leaving it there.  I doubted I'd hear too much protest, and perhaps it was time.  Perhaps Notes from a Sentient Observer was tired and wanted to be left to its own private, dignified demise.  But then, after some soul searching and a little external inspiration, I had a change of heart.

That inspiration came when I heard about this amazing storytelling project called cowbird.  Cowbird is a common space on the internet where anyone can tell their stories, both real and fictional.  In their words, "Stories help us be students and teachers of life. They help us make sense of our lives, and they help us find meaning."  This is what I have always believed, and this is why I first created this blog--to tell my stories, share my musings, hopefully inspire discussion, and maybe find a little meaning along the way.  I may someday contribute to the cowbird project, as in awe of its existence as I am.  But, for now, I will simply attempt to breathe life into my own little public storytelling space.

Getting On With It

If you are (or were) a regular follower, you probably notice that I've changed my name to something a little more "real world."  It's true, this is the real me.  For all of my old blog friends, this is the grand unveiling, as it were.

Overhauling Airship Angela meant that suddenly I had a lot more freedom to do this life thing the way I really wanted.  This lead to some discussion with my dear friend and writerly cohort, T. Z. Wallace, which brought us both to the conclusion that we needed to Get Serious about this whole freelance thing.  This meant getting Linked Ins and starting a freelance page (not up and running yet) and getting all our crap organized.  She's a bit seriouser than I (being the mad driven ginger she is), and is always at least 2-3 steps ahead of me.  In the wake of her considerable dust, I have been attempting to get all my respective craps together.  And since I have decided to keep this blog, it is now linked to the other writing crap I do, say thank you.  Hence the dropping of "firespark" (ah, but I admit I was a bit sad to see her go) and the embracing of just me, Angela B.

On a more personal note, my offspring and I have acquired new living quarters, and I have a new love in my life.  I will henceforth refer to said beloved as Mr. V.  I have a feeling Mr. V will creep into my tales often.  My greatest joys and inspirations typically do.

I will also tell you I am not so afraid anymore.  This is one of the many perks of the recent overhaul and subsequent upgrade.  It means I will be hiding less, and giving more.  It means I will be less of a stranger and more of a friend, as I always intended to be.  I hope it means my stories will be richer, and my posts more frequent.  We're going to talk about life, you and me.  We're going to discuss all those things I observe and ponder, if you'll indulge me that much.  Stuff in the world, stuff in my head.  It's all fair game.


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rusk said...

So glad to have you back. there were concerns the signal was dead...

Sarah Franz-Wichlacz said...

So glad to have you back. And I adore that signature of yours. <3